Ray Hawkins


30+ years as an entrepreneur, including the last decade + as a venture development advisor to early stage companies.

Strong leader and creative, skilled in areas of product development, strategic planning, administration, corporate development, business development, branding and marketing.


2010 – Present

Founder and CEO of CMPNYX Venture Development Group, a firm focused on building companies with great entrepreneurs.

2006- 2010

Acted as an independent consultant providing advisory, project management and administration services to private and public companies.


CEO of Livestar/Jupiter Global, a holding company with interests and developments in a diverse number of growing industries such as the VoIP telecom industry, promotional marketing industry and entertainment industry. Sold company in 2006 in a merger transaction.


CEO of RRUN Ventures, holding company to develop or acquire innovative ventures with an emphasis on serving the lifestyle needs of the 18 - 34 year Digital Generation through the production and marketing of lifestyle products and services.


Mr. Hawkins was the founder, President, and CEO of TAXI Communications Network Inc., a leading edge media and marketing firm that produced a popular local culture magazine, TAXI Vancouver, and executed urban-based marketing campaigns for companies like Labatt Breweries, Universal Music, Virgin Megastore and Molson Canada.

1990 - 1997

From 1990-1995, Mr. Hawkins operated his own music artist management firm, RAH Talent. During that time Mr. Hawkins also acted as the CEO of Empire Communications, a record label that produced a number of cutting edge music artists. Also from 1990 - 1995 Mr. Hawkins acted as CEO of RAH Entertainment, a concert and event corporation. From 1993-1997 Mr. Hawkins acted as a music consultant, procuring cutting edge music for movie and television production houses like Paramount Pictures and video game companies like Electronic Arts.


High School Grad Class of 1987 - Harry Ainlay High School, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I am in the process of advancing my venture development firm (www.cmpnyx.com) to take my mission of building great companies to the next level.

I describe what we do @ CMPNYX as venture development: working with the entrepreneur to develop his or her venture from idea or later stage to the successful attainment of their vision.

Whether the entrepreneur is a rookie or an experienced veteran we work closely with them to allow them to focus on the operations of their business (especially public company clients).

Virtually every aspect of what a business requires to launch, develop, grow and exit we provide as venture developers, including, but not limited to, the following: